Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Ismael D’Souza and Mrs. Ilda Menezes e Souza. 

The mission is to collaborate with universities, institutions, individuals etc. interested into areas of our expertise by providing guidance, resources and facilities for fostering research. Ismilda will create new avenues in the field of research by establishing collaborative links. It will endeavour to create a new perspective in higher education and research for Indian as well as foreign institutions and scholars.


If you are interested in any one of the following:

  • A New World Order. 
  • Research on World Constitutionalism. 
  • Research on Goa.

We interact here.

  • With conscious Members of Human Race who would love to make the world a better place. 
  • With researchers interested on our themes. 
  • With research guides who would like to help us with their assistance and suggestions. 
  • With Educational Institutions, Research organisations, NGOs, the civil society etc.

Directors : 

Mr. Agnelo D’Souza…………Hon. Director (Administration)
Dr. Anthony D’Souza ……….Hon. Director (Academic: Law )
Dr. Carmo D’Souza …………Hon. Director ( Academic: Goan Culture )
Mrs. Lumena Barnes ……….Hon. Director (History)
Ms. Talita D’Souza…………..Hon Director ( Education )