Goan Legal Research

Goa has rich research material to be explored by local as well as international scholars . It has almost five hundred years of Portuguese oriented legal history, in terms of laws and legal,judicial and administrative institutions (1510-1961). The material is found in documents like Carta Regia from the King of Portugal and other Provisions promulgated by Viceroys and Governors of the State of India . The nineteenth and twentieth material, such as legislations,notifications, orders etc is available in the official gazettes and related books . Also material on customary law and indigenous institutions recognized in administration of justice, that existed mostly prior to the twentieth century is available for research.

National and International researchers can find a treasure trove of material on the sea laws from the doctrinal approaches of Hugo Grotius to the de facto implementation of their own system by the Portuguese sovereigns. The Peace Treaties signed across the Estado da India is indeed a collection worth for drawing critical conclusions on international diplomacy. The material during the transition period (roughly from end of 1961 – 1966) is available in the gazettes. This is a challenging area for comparative researchers who are engaged in interaction between civil law and common law.

The existing laws, legal institutions, judicial and quasi judicial bodies in Goa today also provide an attractive area for research. Family laws of Goa, Code of Village Communities, Temple and Church Rules and Regulations also draw researchers to Goa. Present day central and state laws applicable to Goa provide a fertile field for research too .