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Legal System in Goa – Vol. I  buy
Judicial Institutions (1510-1982)

Legal System in Goa – Vol. II   buy
Laws and Legal Trends (1510-1969)

Empowering Goa  buy
A Manual of Projects for Schools and Colleges

Jose’s Dreams (Ebook)  buy
A New World Order.

Inner Duel (Ebook)  buy
A play on the life of St. Francis Xavier

Calangute: In Search of Sands (Ebook)  buy
On village of Calangute

Goa Through the Eyes of Fanchu Loyola (Ebook)  buy

Discovery of Goa (Ebook)  buy

Concepts  in Law (Ebook)  buy

Portuguese Language and Literature in Goa – Past, Present and Future  buy