World Constitutionalism


  •  As the war clouds loom across the horizon, it is time for the world to give a thoughtto World Constitutionalism. People in the World have to apply their mind in building suitable concepts so that the rule of law and a minimum regime on a just world order prevails in the planet Earth.
  • People of the World have a right and duty of contributing towards World Constitutionalism in their own way. Members of academic community, artists, singers, designers, organizers, and public, each in his/her own innovative way must come forward to build World Constitutionalism.
  • The journey of World Constitutionalism has already begun in different spheres of life, such as Human Rights, Environmental Laws, various World Order movements etc.
  • Evolution of World Constitutionalism at academic, social and political levels will facilitate the enactment of a World Constitution in the near future in case there is a need for it.


Respect to Human Rights, Commitment to World Peace and Harmony, Principle of Rule of Law, Principle of Justice, Principle of Humane Democracy, Alleviation of World Poverty, Evolution of Effective Court System at International level, World Governance through Constitutional documents.

Fundamental Requirements

There is a need

  •   For Concepts on World Constitutionalism.
  •  For a Popular Movement towards World Constitutionalism.
  •  For Academic Recognition to World Constitutionalism.


  • Concepts for World Constitutionalism
    • There is a need for concepts that will facilitate the process of enactment of World Constitution in the near future.
    • There is a need for rethinking on various concepts such as war, peace, inner and outer harmony, sovereignty, rule of law etc. so that we reformulate them to suit the requirements of New World Order.
    • Our language is loaded with the terminology of war. We fight, struggle, battle, etc through life. Through various periods of history we have admired our conquerors, their mighty deeds, the great battles, the great events that manipulated the superiority of one civilization over another. We have projected them in literature, poems, songs and national anthems. Do we need a rethinking today, so as to preserve their wealth but at the same time extract out the wrong projections that they create on young and impressive minds?
    • We may need to pick on some old concepts like Human Brotherhood, concern for others, that are favourable for a new world order and are buried under the dust of history.
    • We may have to build up new suitable concepts for the future society. Brand creation is a fad of the modern times, and we may have to use it for World Constitutionalism.
    • We need to reorient our approach to peace, inner and outer harmony, keeping in view the modern theories of mind control.
  • Popular Movement Towards World Constitutionalism
    • There should be a popular movement towards building ideas to bring about a transformation in the International Law.
  • Academic Recognition to World Constitutionalism
    • For World Constitutionalism to grow it must be recognized as a subject in academic circles.
    • Recognition must come from educational institutions such as Universities, Research Centers, Law Schools, Secondary and Primary Schools.
    • There has to be recognition for research on World Constitutionalism through thesis, dissertations, projects, assignments etc.
    • World Constitutionalism must be part of curriculum from the school level to research centers.

Following is the possible Study Content

  • History of one world movements from ancient times to modern days.
  • Philosophies and political theories on world unity.
  • History of conflict resolution and peace from ancient times to modern days.
  • Elements of world order found in different Constitutions existing presently in the world.
  • Study of drafts of World Constitutions promoted by various world order movements.
  • Information on various movements on world order under different banners functioning today.
  • Information on various NGOs working on World Order, World Peace, World Unity, Human Rights, Environment, etc